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Activity Camps

Activity camps are smaller than standing camps, usually with 15 to 25 children. Some mobiles are strenuous, others are easier: see the camp descriptions for more details. However, these are camps for more experienced FSCers who have attended two or more standing camps. This applies even if children have camped with other organisations – our standing camps impart the basic FSC philosophy essential for activity camps. 

Walking Mobiles 

Lightweight tents, cooking stoves, fuel containers and billies are needed. A tent should have a flysheet, a sewn-in groundsheet and should ideally weigh less than 1.5 kg per person sharing it. Campers will normally be expected to supply at least one of the above items. The Camp Chief will supply a complete specialized kit list and will advise parents/guardians what to buy (or borrow). When packing for walking mobiles, all kit (with some space left for food) must fit inside a rucksack. Strong, waterproof walking boots with Vibram soles, or similar, are essential; they must be comfortable and be well walked-in. 

Canoeing Mobiles 

All kit must be packed into several small waterproof bundles. Kitbags (maximum size 80cm by 30cm diameter) and a small frameless rucksack are best; anything larger will not fit into a canoe. 

FSC has a strict policy that life jackets or buoyancy aids are worn when children are canoeing, sailing or rafting on camp. FSC will provide them. It is FSC’s policy that buoyancy aids when narrow-boating are not worn. 

Cycling Mobiles 

All kit must fit inside bike panniers and saddle bags (leaving some space for food!).

Activity Camps this Year

The list of activity camps being run this year is here.