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Applying for Camp

Children must be Registered before they can apply

Children must be registered with FSC before they can apply to camp with us. Please see Registering Your Child with FSC for more details.

FSC Programme and application Process

If you have applied to camp with us before, or if you registered as a new applicant before the date shown here, you will receive an email with a link to the programme in January.  Log into your account and follow the instructions to apply to camp.  You must apply by the published date for your application to be considered.

Application Deadline

Demand for places is very high and children whose applications are received after the deadline will be at a disadvantage. However, we place children to ensure that camps are balanced by age, sex and experience; and we are very over-subscribed, so some applicants applying before the deadline may still be disappointed.

When you will hear back

You should hear by late March whether you have a place on a weekend, Whitsun or summer camp. Applicants for earlier camps will be notified as soon as possible.

Application Restrictions

In order to give as many children as possible a camp place during the year, children under 12 will not be able to go on both a Whitsun camp and a summer camp. If you apply for both periods you should make it clear which is your first choice. Trailseekers, Trackers and Pathfinders may be able to go on both camps if spaces permit, but should still tell us which they prefer. All campers can apply for summer or Whitsun and any other camp.

If you are applying for more than one child you can tell us via your online application whether or not they want to camp together.

Application Prioritisation

Children who have camped before are placed ahead of new applicants. For new applicants, priority is given to siblings of children who have camped before. Children who have previously applied unsuccessfully will get priority over completely new applicants. Most first time campers camp as elves, and places are often full with experienced campers at older ages.

Most activity camps are for experienced FSC campers: children who have attended at least two FSC standing camps. This applies even if your child has camped with other organisations. Our standing camps impart the basic FSC philosophy essential for activity camps.

First fortnight camps are particularly over-subscribed for older campers. Trackers and Pathfinders who are flexible about camping in the second fortnight are more likely to be offered a place.

Disabled Campers

Please see Disabled Campers for information about how to apply.

Camp Fees

Fees for each camp are listed with the individual camp details.

It is FSC policy that no child will be refused a place due to financial circumstances. See Camper Support & Kit Support.

Fees include return fares from London. If a child misses the escorted party it is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to arrange his or her transport to the site at their own cost.