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Cancellation and requests to swap camps

If you wish to cancel a place to camp please do this via your online FSC parent account as soon as possible. Please consider the other children on the waiting list, who you can give a place to.

For summer places, if you cancel before June 1st then you will receive a full refund minus an administrative fee of 10%. If you cancel after June 1st then we cannot give you a refund because we cannot guarantee filling your canceled place, due to the administrative burden on FSC volunteers. If you cancel after June 1st but have not yet paid any fees, then FSC can impose a camping ban for your child in the subsequent camping year. This is to bypass the administrative burden placed on FSC volunteers when dates are not met. At the discretion of the Children’s Secretary, a partial refund may be made in exceptional circumstances.

FSC does not insure you against cancellation. Holiday insurance would cover you against this risk (see the Insurance section). Such insurance could also cover loss or damage to a member’s equipment, for which FSC cannot accept responsibility.

We strongly encourage families to accept camp places if their children want to camp that year with FSC. If your child is not happy with their camp place, and wants to swap camps, then you must cancel their offer and join the waiting list for the camp(s) of their choice. Doing this as soon as possible will increase your child’s chance of being offered a different camp and avoid a potential financial loss from late cancellation. We will do what we can to accommodate those who follow this procedure. Waiting lists close two weeks before each camp starting date. For second fortnight summer camps, waiting lists close two weeks before the first fortnight camp starting date.