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Complete instructions for completing your FSC DBS check are available here.

If you read this document carefully, all your questions should be answered. In addition, you may find the official DBS instructions helpful


What is a DBS application form, a DBS certificate and a DBS check?

  • DBS Application Form
    This is a purple and yellow, normally folded in half, A3 piece of paper printed by the DBS with a unique application reference number. Evidence checkers have forms and you will be asked to complete one when you arrange to show your documents.
  • DBS certificate
    When all the checking by the Evidence Checker, the FSC DBS crew, and the DBS has been completed, you (and only you) will be sent a DBS certificate with the result of the check at the time the certificate was generated.
  • DBS check
    As the information on the DBS certificate is only known to be true at the time it is generated, organisations need to check from time to time whether the DBS have some new information relating to the certificate holder. The update service allows the organisation to make such a check online. The DBS do not specify how frequent the checks should be, but FSC has adopted the generally accepted period of three years.

Who needs to apply for a DBS certificate?

To staff on a camp, FSC MUST have performed a DBS check within the last 3 years.

Existing FSC staff

If you have a DBS certificate which has been checked by FSC and are registered with the DBS update service, FSC will make online checks as required. Otherwise, you should apply for a new DBS certificate now as checks can take a long time, and you never know when you might want to staff.

You can see the date of your latest DBS check (“DBS / CRB date”), your certificate number (“DBS Certificate Number”), and whether you are registered with the update service (“DBS Update ID”) in your staff address book entry. If your DBS/CRB date is more than two years old, please sort it out: if you are registered with the update service asking to be re-checked; if not, apply for a new DBS certificate.

Ex-pathfinders who are planning to staff

You need to apply for a DBS certificate through FSC. You will not be able to staff on camp until FSC has received a copy of your DBS certificate and cleared you to staff.

New to FSC Staff Members

You need to apply for a DBS certificate through FSC. You will not be able to train until FSC has received a copy of your DBS certificate and cleared you to staff.

What level of disclosure do I require?

Because we are looking after children and adults, all staff require an “enhanced” level disclosure, which includes checking your name against the Barring lists for working with children and adults.

Can FSC use a DBS certificate I have from another organisation?

The clear guidance from the DBS is that due to the central importance of identity checking, we should not accept DBS certificates obtained via other organisations, even if the applicant is registered for the update service. However, for existing FSC staff only, we made exceptions, with two particular points to note:

  1. The DBS check MUST be enhanced and cover both adults and children (many DBS checks undertaken by employers only cover one of these categories). To see if this is true for your DBS check, look at your certificate. There are two boxes:
    • DBS children’s barred list information
    • DBS adult barred list information
    To be valid for FSC, both boxes must say “None recorded
    If your DBS certificate does not cover one of these categories, it will say “Not requested
  2. You are registered with the update service so that FSC can check your status in subsequent years without having to repeat the whole DBS check. You will know you are registered because you will have a DBS update identification number and you will be able to login at

If you have an enhanced check covering both adults and children that is less than three  years old, and you are registered with the update service, then email a photo or scan of your certificate AND your DBS update identification number to: or post a photocopy and a note of your update ID number to: FSC DBS, 36 Yarnfield Square, London, SE15 5JD (please do not use recorded post or special delivery and please do not use A4 envelopes)

Do I need to present original documents to the evidence checkers?

YES, you need to present original documents to the document checkers. Copies are not acceptable.

Can I post my documents to the evidence checker, rather than meeting in person?

NO, you must present your documents in person to the evidence checker.

Who can I get to check my documents?

The full list of evidence checkers who can check your documents is on the Evidence Checker’s page

What documents do I need to produce?

These are listed in the instruction document, and on the disclosure website in the instructions to applicants. One of these documents should demonstrate your current address as entered on the completed form.

There does not appear to be an evidence checker near me. What do I do?

FSC will be making evidence checkers available for you at all major FSC events (council meetings, pre-camps meetings, Haddenham stores). You are welcome to attend one of these in order to get your documents checked. It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that your application is completed fully, and this includes having your documents checked. It may be necessary to make a special journey to your nearest evidence checker. If this is problematic please e-mail

DBS advice to FSC staff living, or who have lived, overseas

  1. If you have lived in the UK when you were aged 10 or over you need to apply for a UK DBS check even if you are now abroad. The reason for the odd age cut-off is because 10 years and upwards is when people in the UK can be convicted of criminal offences.
    How to apply for a DBS from overseas is explained at:
    We suggest you read through all of this in detail. Please then contact us directly with any queries at:
  2. If you have lived overseas in the last 5 years, please see . We suggest you read through all of this in detail. The main relevant section is “8 Overseas”. Note that contrary to the information on the application form and elsewhere, if you are currently living overseas, you should NOT put your own current address in section b, but should put the “DBS Forms” address as listed below. Please contact us with any queries at

What do I do with my disclosure certificate when it arrives?

You must send a copy of your certificate to FSC before you camp. You can email a photograph or scan to or post a photocopy to DBS Forms, 36 Yarnfield Square, London, SE15 5JD

If you are new to FSC applying to train as staff, please email a scan / photo of your certificate to the new to FSC organiser at or post a copy to them at the address given in the initial documents you were sent describing how to apply to train with FSC. Please do not use recorded or special delivery and please avoid large A4 envelopes

I have received an email from DBS that says ‘your subscription is due’. What should I do?

Your certificate and subscription to the update service are free of charge as they are for voluntary work.  You do not need to pay to continue your subscription. It is likely that you will not need to take any action, but we cannot anticipate everything DBS might ask in the future. Therefore please read any communication from DBS, and if you think you may need to do something about your update subscription, please contact the DBS or the FSC DBS crew at

I have another question which is not answered here. What should I do?

Please read the completion instructions , which are comprehensive, and should include all the necessary details. If after re-reading them you still have a remaining query, please email explaining your query.