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Camptown Races

De Camptown ladies sing this song
Doodah, doodah.
De Camptown racetrack five miles long
Doodah doodah day.
I come down der with my hat caved in
Doodah doodah.
I go back home with a pocket full of gin.
Doodah doodah day.
Gwine to run all night
Gwine to run all day.
I'll bet my money on the bobtail nag
Somebody bet on the bay.
The longtail filly and the big black hoss
They fly the track and they both cut across
The blind hoss sticking in a big mud hole
Can't touch bottom with a ten foot pole.
Old muley cow come onto the track
The bobtail fling her over his back
Then fly along like the railroad car
Running a race with a shooting star.
See them flying on a ten mile heat
Round the race track then repeat
I win my money on the bobtail nag
I keep my money in an old tow—bag.