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Look up the words of that song you sang at camp, or browse through some new ones. As our archive of material increases, we will include old songs from FSC’s past, as well as new additions to our repertoire.

Take a look at the list of all of our songs or just the rounds and cyclic songs or search:


On Virtual Campfire you can find recordings from camps of songs from the songbook. There are a load of songs sung on Glee Camp 2016 on this Soundcloud page.

If you want to learn songs in the comfort of your own home, then here’s a Spotify Playlist of a lot of FSC songs. Please contact Joe Martin if you find any that you think should be added.

And to get you moving, see the FSC Dance Music for country dancing recordings with the manual of moves.

Regional Glee Groups

If that’s simply not enough and you wish to sing with others when not on camp, there are regional glee groups who meet to sing outside camp.

Glee Camp

A weekend in October dedicated to Glee (music and singing), usually held at FSC’s stores in Haddenham, near Ely in Cambridgeshire. See Glee Camp for more information.