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Derby Ram

When I was down in Derby
'Twas on the Derby Day
I saw the finest ram, sir
That ever fed on hay
It's true, sir, 'tis true sir,
I never was one to lie.
Ask anyone in Derby, sir
And he'll tell you the same as I.
This Ram it had two horns, sir,
That reached right up to the moon,
A man went up in December
And didn't come down till June.
This ram it had a tail, sir,
It was too long to tell.
It reached right over to Ireland
And rang St. Patrick's bell.
The man who killed the ram, sir,
Was up to his neck in blood.
The boy who held the basin
Was carried away by the flood
And all the women of Derby
Came running up for his ears
To make a leather purse, sir,
To last for forty years.
And all the boys of Derby 
Came scrambling for his eyes.
To make a pair of footballs,
For they were football size.