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Did You Ever See?

Mrs. Jones she had a mangle,
She did turn it with a handle
She did turn it with such power
She did forty miles an hour
Did you ever see (x2)
Did you ever see such a funny thing before.
There's a little pub in Wales
Where they sell the best of ales
If you want a drink on Sunday
You will have to wait till Monday.
Oh I had a brother Rupert
He did play full back for Newport
But whilst playing at Llanelly
They did kick him in the belly.
Oh I had a brother Ikey
Who did ride a motor biky
And he said he rode to Gower
In a quarter of an hour.
Then I had a sister Phyllis
Who did work at Pontardulais
But the boss he had to sack her
'Cos he caught her chewing 'bacca'.
Oh I had a brother Trevor
He was very, very clever
He could play upon the fiddle
Up the sides and down the middle
Oh I had a sister Anna 
She did play the grand pianna
When she played full presto
All the buttons fly off her vesto.