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Dido Bendigo

As I was a-walking one morning last autumn
I overheard some noble fox-hunting.
Between some noble men and the Duke of Wellington
So early before the day was dawning.
There was Dido, Bendigo, Gentry, he was there-o
Traveller, he never looked behind him,
There was Countess, Rover, Bonny Lass and Jover,
These are the hounds that would find him
Well, the first fox being young and his trials just beginning
He made straight away for the cover,
He's run up yon highest hill, and run down yon lowest ghyll,
Thinking that he'd find his freedom there for ever.
Now, the next fox being old, and his trials past a-dawning
He's made straight away for the river
The fox he has jumped in, and an `ound jumped after him
It was Traveller, a-striding on for ever.
Well, they've run across the plain, but they'll soon return again, 
The fox nor the hounds never failing.
It's been just one month today since I heard the Squire say,
"Oh, forward then me brave hounds for ever."