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Drill Ye Tarriers Drill

Every morning at seven o'clock
There are twenty tarriers drilling at the rock,
And the boss come along and he said "Keep still,
And come down heavy on the cast-iron drill"
And drill, ye tarriers, drill
For its work all day for the sugar in yer tay
Down behind the old railway,
And drill, ye tarriers, drill
And blast _ and fire!
Our new foreman is Jimmy McCann,
By God he is a blame mean man.
One day a premature blast went off
And a mile in the air went big Jim Gough.
When next pay day came around
Jim Gough a dollar short was found.
When he asked what for came this reply
"You were docked for the time you were up in the sky."
Our boss is a good man down to the ground 
And he married a lady six feet round.
She bakes good bread and she bakes it well
But she bakes it hard as the holes in Hell.