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Old Smoky

On top of Old Smoky, all covered in snow
I lost my true lover, through courting too slow
Now courting's a pleasure and parting's a grief
But a false hearted lover is worse than a thief
A thief he will rob you and take what you have
But a false hearted lover will send you to the grave
The grave will decay you and turn you to dust
There's not one man in a million a poor girl can trust
He'll tell you he loves you and tell you more lies
Than the crossties on the railroad or the stars in the skies
He'll tell you he loves you to give your heart ease
But the moment your back's turned he'll court whom he please
Come all you young maidens and listen to me!
Don't hang your affections on a green willow tree
For the leaves they will wither and the roots they will die
And you'll be forsaken and never know why
Bury me on Old Smoky, Old Smoky so high
Where the wild birds in heaven can hear my sad cry