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Four jolly sailors, strolling on a steamboat
Taking the sea-breeze, sniffing at the air
Full steam astern now, arm in arm together
Four jolly tars are back to where they were
First couple lead down, second couple follow
First couple turn around, second make an arch
First couple under, chugging into Margate
And see how the sea breeze blows away the starch
Hands to the capstan, hitch your wagon to a star
Spinning on the quarter deck and getting in a whirl
Change to the other hand, round with her the other way
Now you're back in port again and smiling at your girl
Hands to your partner, isn't this a jolly step?
One, two, three; hop and round the other two
Spinning on your axis, one, two, three; hop
Cheerio to that old couple, welcome to the new