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The Brave Ploughboy

Come all you jolly ploughboys
Come listen to me lays
And join with me in chorus
And I'll sing the ploughboy's praise
My song is of the ploughboy's fame
And unto you I'll relate the same
He whistles, sings, and drives his team
The brave ploughing boy
So early in the morning the ploughboy he is seen
He hastens to the stable
His horses for to clean
Their manes and tails he will comb straight
With chaff and corn he does them bait
Then he'll endeavour to plough straight
The brave ploughing boy
Now all things being ready
And the harvest that's put o
All with a shining countenance
His work he will pursue
The small birds sing on every tree
The cuckoo joins sweet harmony
To welcome in as you may say
The brave ploughing boy
So early in the mornings
To harrow, plough, and sow
And with a gentle cast me boys
Will give the corn a throw
Which makes the valleys thick to stand
With corn to fill the reapers hand
All this you well may understand
Comes from the ploughing boy
Now the corn it is a-growing
And the seed time that's all o'er
Our master he does welome us
And unlocks the cellar door
With cake and ale we'll have our fill
Because we've done our work so well
There's none here can excel the skill
Of the brave ploughing boy