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The Fox

The fox went out on a chilly night
He prayed for the moon to give him light
For he'd many a mile to go that night
Before he reached the town-o, town-o, town-o
Well he ran till he came to the farmer's yard
The ducks and the geese were all a-feared
"A couple of you will grease my beard.
Before I leave this town-o"...
Well he grabbed the grey goose by the neck
And slung a duck right over his back
He didn't mind their quacky quacky quack
Or the legs all dangling down-o...
Well old mother Flipper-Flopper jumped out of bed
And out of the window she cocked her head
Crying "John, John, John ! The grey goose is gone
And the fox is away to his den-o"...
Then John he went up to the top of the hill
And blew his horn both loud and shrill
"Play on," says Reynard, "with your music shrill
For I am away to my den-o"...
He ran till he came to his cosy den
There were the little ones, eight, nine, ten
They said "Daddy, better go back again
'Cos it must be a mighty fine town-o"...
The old daddy fox and his cubs and his wife 
Cut up the goose without any strife
They never had such a supper in their life
And the little ones chewed on the bones-o...