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FSC Staff

Many staff have grown up with Forest School Camps and others have joined hearing about it through word of mouth. Everyone who staffs has been trained in childcare and child protection. If a member of staff has not camped for 10 years they will be asked to retrain to make sure they have been updated on any new FSC policies.

All FSC staff are required to have an up to date enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check before they can be enrolled on our camps (this is standard procedure for anyone working with children or vulnerable adults). We continue to also operate our own internal procedures to ensure the suitability of our staff, over and above the information obtained from DBS checks. We keep the process of DBS checking our staff under regular review.

At camps where parents and guardians are responsible for their children (Associates, Skills and Conservation) there may be adults who do not have a current DBS check.

Becoming FSC Staff

Please see Becoming FSC Staff for more details.