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Associate & Family Camps

Parents and supporters who become Associate Members of FSC receive news of FSC’s activities annually and are eligible to attend weekend camps especially for Associate Members and their families.

Associate Camps allow new campers with no FSC background to get a taster of FSC life and to decide whether camping with FSC is for them. For those who camped with FSC as children, former staff members and active members of staff with small children, they provide a continuing link to camp and an opportunity to introduce their families to FSC camping and to be part of a lodge.

Current Associate Members and FSC staff are all welcome at family camps with or without their children. Current Associate membership or active FSC staff status is required in order to apply for the camps. There is no age limit, upper or lower, and the camps are particularly suitable for very young children who may be camping for the first time. 

Supervision of children is the responsibility of the adults who bring them, and there is no organised travel, allowing us to keep the fees to a minimum. Adults and children share in the communal cooking (clan), with food and cooking equipment provided by the camp. There are many of the usual FSC activities like rally, singing around the campfire, games, walks, and whatever the site and our ingenuity can produce.

Note: Becoming an Associate Member or attending a family camp does not give your child any priority on the waiting list to attend any of our main camps.

Subscription Costs

The annual subscription is £10.

Registering as a Member

Please register as a member by clicking on this link and filling in the form. If for some reason you’re unable to use the form, you can also download either a PDF or a Word Document which you can complete and then email or post to us as per the instructions on the form.

New registrations are not processed in January.

For more details, contact Associates at

Applying for an Associates Camp

Associates camps get booked up quickly, so don’t delay in applying. Please follow the instructions on the email sent to active Associate members, in particular with respect to the date by which applications should be submitted by to be eligible for the main allocation of camps.

Current Associate members will receive a link to the online application form at the start of the year.

You will be able to see the list of associates camps here from early January.

Children on Associates Camps without a Parent or Guardian

If you wish your child to attend an associates camp without a parent or guardian, then you must complete this form.