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Ticks and Lyme Disease

As you may know, the number of tick bites at camp and the incidence nationally of Lyme Disease are both on the increase.

These documents represent FSC’s provisional response to this problem which will be reviewed during the course of this year.

Top Tips at camp is the guidance staff will be using at camp. For more detail the staff will be referring to the FSC policy document and the Lyme Disease: Signs and Symptoms guidance from Public Health England.

Parents and carers should refer to the Lyme disease information sent to parents & carers before camp, the Post camp letter which will be sent to parents if there are tick bites, and the Letter to give to the GP should a child be bitten.

These documents have been worked on by members of FSC Children’s committee, the medical officer, a vet and several camp chiefs. We are aiming to get the right balance between safety, realistic steps and limiting anxiety.

  1. Top Tips at camp
  2. FSC policy
  3. Information for parents and carers before camp
  4. Post camp letter to parents
  5. Public Health England signs and symptoms
  6. Post camp letter to GP