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FSC Dance music

Below are links to MP3s of the new and old FSC dance music as heard and skipped about to at camp.

All files are MP3 sampled at 32 kbits/sec Mono.CD quality tracks of the new dance CD available at cost from Lorna Kennedy for members of FSC staff and campers only.

Please note that all music on this site, and supplied on CD is copyright, and is available for personal use, or use at FSC events only.

Dance Music Manual

The Dance Music Manual describes how to call the dance moves to some of the dances below. You can download it here.

New FSC Dance CD

  1. La Russe
  2. Aunt Hessie’s White Horse
  3. Bridge of Athlone
  4. Circassian Circle
  5. Cumberland Square Eight
  6. Flying Scotsman
  7. Gay Gordons
  8. Jack’s the Lad
  9. Maggie Mixer
  10. Nottingham Swing
  11. Oxo Reel
  12. Pat-a-cake Polka
  13. Borrowdale Exchange
  14. Sheep’s Hill
  15. Steamboat
  16. Willow Tree
  17. Dashing White Sergeant
  18. Circle Waltz
  19. Waltz Country Dance
  20. Black Nag
  21. Alunelul
  22. Chekassia

Musicians: Jon Boden fiddle, concertina; Tim van Eyken melodeons; Benji Kirkpatrick guitar, bouzouki; Lindsey Kennedy harmonium.

Recording Jack Sloan & Nomad Recording
Masterminded by Lorna Kennedy May 2005

Woodley Yeomen Dance Music

Musicians: Ian Graham, accordion; John Roberts, fiddle; Malcolm Clarke, guitar; Harry Elliott, double bass; Fergus Laidlaw, drums. Recorded at South Hill Park Arts Centre Studio, Bracknell, circa 1975