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Our Camps

Standing Camps

Most of our Easter, Whitsun, and Summer camps are standing camps, meaning that they are based at one site. Small camps have between 25 and 35 children on them, and large camps between 60 and 70. Children are divided into groups two ways: one by age into Elves, Woodlings, Trailseekers, Trackers, Pathfinders and Way Wardens; and one vertically, across all the age groups, into Clans. At standing camps children acquire basic camping skills, learning to pitch a tent, to look after their possessions and to keep them dry. They learn to gather and cut wood, to make fires and to cook food. The clans take turns in the kitchen under the supervision of the Caterers to prepare the food for the whole camp.

Other activities during the camp may include swimming, woodcraft, exploring, night walks, country dancing, camp fires, organised activities and games. A two to four-day hike, which takes place during the camp, consolidates their newly learned skills. The end of camp is marked by two major events: Merrymoot and Lodge Common Council.

Singing is a vital part of all camp life both as impromptu additions to daily activities and around every campfire. Songs are shared and passed from generation to generation and camp to camp. FSC’s songbook is available on this website on the glee pages, along with some recordings. FSC is currently revising its songbook to be more reflective of its membership and modern changes in attitudes and sensitivities. 

Inclusion Camps

FSC strives to be inclusive: some camps are organised that are suitable for disabled children or those who require extra staffing support. In addition we aim to integrate disabled campers into as many of our camps as possible throughout the programme, providing the right staff and support are available to meet their interests and needs. FSC is more than happy to advise parents, carers or guardians which camp would be the most suitable for a particular child.

See Disabled Campers for more information.

Activity Camps 

Activity camps are smaller than standing camps, usually with 15 to 25 children. Some mobiles are strenuous, others are easier: see the camp descriptions for more details. However, these are camps for more experienced FSCers who have usually attended two or more standing camps. This is because our standing camps impart the basic FSC philosophy essential for activity camps. 

See Activity Camps for more information about the different types.

Associate & Family Camps

Associate Camps allow new campers with no FSC background to get a taster of FSC life and to decide whether camping with FSC is for them. For those who camped with FSC as children, former staff members and active members of staff with small children, they provide a continuing link to camp and an opportunity to introduce their families to FSC camping and to be part of a lodge.

See Associate Camps for more information.

Skills & Conservation Camps

Join us for activities ranging from coppicing, hedging and pond management to path laying, building bridges, constructing compost toilets and stiles, even repairing and renovating farm buildings. We recently built an island! No special qualifications are needed and it’s a great opportunity to try your hand at something new or to hone existing skills. We also enjoy good food, good company and starry evenings around the fire.

See Skills & Conservation Camps for more information.