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Easter and earlier Camps

Camp No. 2 - Wilderbrook - STOP PRESS now in Somerset

Camp Chiefs: Bea Patrick & Daniel Jacks Organiser: Clem Marshall
Dates: Saturday 30th March 2024 to Saturday 6th April 2024
Ages: 8.0 to 17.11
Fees: £368.00

STOP PRESS - March 2024: The Derbyshire site has been flooded out so we are moving the adventure to Somerset. STOP PRESS Come and spend the week in Wilderbrook. Everything in nature is coming alive and awakening. It is a time of rain and sunshine, the mingling of the elements of fire and water, spring gales, high tides, feelings of wildness and chaos. Run wild in the wind and celebrate life's beginnings. We are breaking out and moving forwards. We feel empowered to take risks, strike out, make things happen. It is a time to begin new ventures, make new friends, and go on a journey together.

Nearby Town: Taunton, Somerset

Travel: TBC

Camp No. 3 - The Devon Stomp & Wiggle

Camp Chief: Molly Hopkinshaw Organiser: Pablo Dent
Dates: Saturday 30th March 2024 to Thursday 4th April 2024
Ages: 11.0 to 17.11
Fees: £216.00

The red Devon Mud is waiting to welcome us back after a long hiatus! We will spend the first few days exploring Dartmoor on foot, carrying everything that we need, as the larks bounce up from the tussocks and the rivers bubble and sing. Then, in the second part of the week - from the comfort of our cosy hut - we will venture below into the glorious and friendly Devon caves and all the grottos of delight they have to offer. Bring both your stomping feet and your wriggling energy and let's have a heavenly time (or is that devon-ly..?)!

Nearby Town: Buckfastleigh

Travel: TBC

Extra Info: This camp is for experienced FSC campers only.